Niagara Falls Clifton Hill is where the action is

Niagara Falls Clifton Hill can be called the Entertainment and Dining District. You will quickly find yourself swept up with the pace and energy of the area.

Maybe it's all those positive ions that are floating in the air from the nearby Falls. You look up as the road curves and the stores stop. And there it is. Straight ahead...

...the American Falls.

Enjoy them before, during, or after you take in the Hill.

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There is lots to choose from . . .

It is easy to fill your available time with so many things to choose from. You may even want to start figuring out how you can squeeze another day in Niagara into your visit.

What's your favourite Attraction on Clifton Hill?

What was your favorite attraction on Clifton Hill. Tell us your story, share your experience or just relive it again . . .

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