House of Frankenstein

House of Frankenstein is a classic haunted house complete with animated wax figures, creepy organ music and eerie graveyards. Work you way through a winding maze that goes up and down as you check out the booths along the way. Push a small orange button and the scenes spring to life.

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Catch your breath on a comfortable bench at the Frankenstein Theatre. Try out the Frankenstein pinball machine or watch some of the original movie, playing in it's entirety.

Just Beware. You are not home free yet. There are skelatons to deal with, lots of rooms to explore. . .

. . . and then there is Jack

You know the guy in the box. Also, watch out for what's behind the iron gate if you are brave enough to 'Enter at your own risk'

Don't say I didn't warn you.


4967 Clifton Hill,
Niagara Falls,
L2G 3N5

(905) 357-9660

Adult $9.95

Student $7.95
Kids $6.95

Children 6 years and younger are admitted free.

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