Screamer's Haunted House

Afraid of the Dark. Then this is not the place for you. If not . . .

. . then come and experience a terrifying ordeal. With over 47,000 chickens and over 500,000 visitors, this is a popular and scary attraction.

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Watch out for the Screamers transport truck as it barrels down the hallway and be sure to keep away from 'Tony the Tongue'. And if it gets too scary . . .

just yell out "Screamers" and the nightmare ends.

. . . but you do get added to the evergrowing Chicken List.

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5930 Victoria Ave (at Magdalen), Niagara Falls,

Ont L2G 3L7

(905) 357-7656


Mon-Thurs 5pm - 11pm

Friday 12pm - 1am

Saturday 11am - 2am

Sunday 11am - 11pm


Adults $14.99

Kids 12 and under $11.99

Not Recommended for children 10 yrs and under.

Wheelchair accessible

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