Alien Encounter

Alien Encounter - Are you ready for a close encounter of an alien kind. How scary do you like it?

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There is the Red Tour- Very Scary and the aliens WILL touch you.

and the Yellow Tour- Scary but the Aliens WILL NOT touch you.

Come face to face with full scale alien figures from all your favourites. . .



Independence Day

Star Wars


and lots more. .

If you have the nerve, enter the ten room animated Area 51 labratory. You can help track down an escaped alien. Or wait a second. What was that? Is it tracking you? I wasn't sure.

Print a $1 off coupon, while checking out the Alien-Encounter website


5743 Victoria Ave (at Clifton Hill),

Niagara Falls, Ont. L26 3L9

(905) 374-8211


Open daily from 11am - 1am

Group(10+ people)


Adult $8.55 $4.95

Kids $6.84 $3.95

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