Niagara Falls History is rich and eventful!

Niagara Falls history is a featured part of both Canadian and American school children's history books.

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The Niagara Region has been an important historical site in both Canadian and American History. With the British victory over the French in 1763, all of New France was ceded to Great Britain. Discover some of what happened after that...

The War of 1812 is celebrating it's 200 year anniversary and as a result Niagara Falls is in the spotlight in 2012 as this is where a lot of the most significant battles took place.

What's your favourite Historical Niagara Attraction?

What was the most unforgettable part of History that you saw here in Niagara. Tell us your story, share your experience or just relive it again . . .

There are many other areas you can explore while you are visiting Niagara. The hard part may be deciding what to do next

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