Preparing for a Niagara Falls Vacation

A Niagara Falls vacation really offer you a lot more than just the falls- There are, however, a few important details you want to review as you plan your trip to Niagara.

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Important Things To Remember:

  • If you are visiting Canada there are borders to cross as well as customs and immigration details to attend to.
  • Niagara Falls is roughly half way between Toronto and Buffalo which both have international airports.
  • That means that most visitors to Niagara Falls come by car, bus or rail.
  • You don't have to drive when you get to Niagara
  • The time of the year you are visiting matters. Summers can be hot and the winters mean that you need to dress appropriately.

Planning your trip:

Planning a trip is often a very special part of a vacation. As you look forward to what you want to do and investigate all the options that are available, you can choose between a sightseeing marathon or just the few special places you want to visit.

If you have a hard time deciding try this effective decision evaluator. Its fun and can be used for any decision making.

Pamper your self in one of our many luxurious accommodations or relax while the children enjoy the water-park. There really is so very much to choose from here.

What's your Favorite Vacation Planning Tip?

Do you have a special tip that has proved useful, trip after trip. Tell us your secret, share your experience or just relive it again . . .

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