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Welcome to Visiting-Niagara-Falls.com. I hope you will find lots of useful information about this wonderful area.

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My name is Kim and I have lived in Niagara for over 45 years. Over this time, I have had a lot of fun and practice showing visitors the Falls, the surrounding parklands and the best of the attractions. And lots of them are free too!

Let me show you where I, 'Your Insider in Niagara', would take my visiting friends in Niagara Falls. And, as you might imagine, I have received lots of suggestions from local friends and neighbours.

There are Insider Tips throughout the site, when there is something you should know.

This site is constantly changing. I love Niagara and I am constantly taking pictures. See for yourself how Niagara changes with the seasons. And preview some of the favorite attractions you might enjoy.

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I would love to hear from you about your Niagara Falls experiences. What would you recommend to other visitors? What should they AVOID?


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