Adventure Dome

The Adventure Dome is a continuous, state-of-the-art theatre experience. Using 70 mm film, a 4 story high screen, and 6 channel surround sound, you are taken on a risk-free, thrill ride of your life.

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The whole family will enjoy an exhilarating, simulated adventure on a motorcycle, white water raft, bob sled, snowmobile, a dunebuggy, in a hot air balloon, an airplane or crashing over cars in a tank. Feel all of the action at the Dome.


4943 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls, Ont
(905) 357-4330


Summer 9am - 3am
Off season 11am - 9pm


Adult $6.25
Students, seniors $5.25
Kids 4 - 12 $4.25

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