What To Wear

What to Wear - Niagara Falls is a tourist town so you can dress as casual (looking at the Falls) or formal (wearing your lucky suit at the casino) as YOU like.

Check current Niagara Falls weather conditions

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Niagara Falls enjoys warm summers with the average daily temperature in the low 20's and dropping to about 17 F in September. A light jacket over lightweight summer clothing, can protect you on a hot day or a cooler evening.


It gets cooler in October (10 F) and close to freezing in November with freezing weather in December. We have a fifty-fifty chance of having a white christmas. Hats, gloves, scarfs, sweaters and winter jackets are in order.


Winter usually means snow in Niagara Falls with temperature usually a little below zero. Warm winter clothing is highly recommended. Hats, gloves, scarfs, sweaters, winter jackets and winter footwear.


From April (7.3 F) thru June(19.1 F), the temperatures rise dramatically. The Niagara Parks and outdoor gardens just seem to spring to life with budding plants and flowering displays everywhere. Hats, gloves, umbrella, and a waterproof jacket are needed in April, but things warm up quickly so bring lightweight clothing too for our lovely warm spring days

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