My Next Trip

Every new trip

seems to involve a lot of decision-making.

Experience helps. So does thinking it through.

eiffel tower falls mediterranean

Some decision you want to make . . .

car car cruiseship

Some decisions you have to make . . .

lastmindetails g_tickatt travelportal

And then there are the rest . . .

I don't mind making decisions. Especially if they have a good chance of being the right ones for me.

. . . and boy did that just get easier with . . .

. . a wonderful decision evaluation tool to evaluate your options based upon what matters to you.

Next Trip Planner

Accommodations Tickets and Attractions Drive or Car Rental Man made Wonder A relaxing cruise Paris and Europe Deals and Specials Niagara Falls - Natural Wonder What flight to take?

Your Travel Decision Evaluator.

Decision making software compliments of's Choose-It!

'You do the yearning while we do the churning'

It's so easy . . .

Just Input Your Options

Answer a few Questions

. . . and let Next Trip Planner do the heavy lifting. Don't be surprised if your best options may not be what you expected.

Its so easy to use.

Take a Quick Tour through an example or . . .

. . . follow along below. I am helping my cousin decide if he can sqeeze in a visit to Niagara to finally see the Falls.

(And if have Niagara Falls on your list of places to see, then maybe it will only take a little tweaking of the input to make it relevant to you.)

Next Trip Planner

Step 1:

Put your question to Next Trip Planner.

Q. What should we include in our next trip?

Step 2:

List your Possible Answers

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Near or Far East
  4. Cruise
  5. Stay home

Step 3:

List what you consider is important in planning your trip. For example:

  • Visit family, friends
  • See new things
  • Revisit past favorites
  • Amount of time available
  • Budget for trip
  • Adult focused trip
  • Family orientated trip
  • Time of year of trip

Next Steps:

- Follow the prompts and rate your responses honestly and as accurately as possible. To get a really accurate picture, some of the Resources I use are right below. Grab the info. Input it where needed. And know that the results are well founded.

Now it's your turn. Next Trip Planner is always free to use. And it works just as well for any other decisions that you may be facing.