Queenston Heights

Queenston Heights is a place I love to take my visitors. It is only a few km past the Butterfly Conservatory. What a great way to leisurely spend a few hours. There are lots of Facilities to enjoy .

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-2 picnic pavilions
-tennis courts
-wading pool
-children's playground
-baseball diamonds
-snack bar, restaurant
-and lots and lots of green grass

and its all Free.

There is history to relive here too. American victories. British and Canadian victories. Enjoy a Parks Canada walking tour of this historical battleground. Then you will know who did what to whom, and where and maybe even a little bit of why.

The Heights is where the gorge ends and the Niagara River flows out over the flats below to Lake Ontario.

The Heights offer a great view of the flat lands below the top of the Niagara Escarpment.

Queenston Heights is also the end of the Bruce Trail which winds northward to Tobermory, several hundreds Kilometers away.

The escarpment is recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere.

The colorful annual bedding displays abound around both the Brock and Laura Secord monuments. It really is a relaxing environment.


After the last ice age, this would have been the site of the Falls.

The Niagara Peninsula was the site of many battles in the War of 1812 between British North America and the US. Major-General Isaac Brock died October 13, 1812, unsuccessfully defending Queenston Heights from the invading Americans.

Major-General Roger Hale Schsaffe trapped the American forces between the escarpment and his army, taking almost 1,000 of them prisoner, losing only 28 dead and 77 wounded.

The convincing victory emboldened the Canadians in thinking they could successfully defend against the more powerful Americans.

War heroine Laura Secord, overheard American officers dining in her home planning an impending attack.

She walked 30 km from Queenston to Beaverdams to warn the British and on June 24, 1832 Indian allies ambushed the Americans. The name Laura Secord today is best known as a chain of confectionary stores.

Parks Canada offers a walking tour of sites of this historical battleground.

At this time Brock's monument is closed for much needed repairs.

Location: 14184 Niagara Parkway, Queenston Ontario.

Facilities: 2 picnic pavilions, washrooms, bandshell, wading pool, tennis courts, snack bar and restaurant and children's playground.

Cost: Free

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