There are many Niagara Falls Attractions that feature the Falls and Great Gorge

Niagara Falls attractions offer so many different views of the Falls themselves, the Niagara River and the Great Gorge that has been carved out by the Falls themselves over time.

As part of the Niagara Escarpment, Niagara is a interigal part of the area that has received the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Designation. This recognition is for an area in the world which is deemed to demonstrate a "balanced relationship between humans and the biosphere."

Just pick one of the many choices below and begin to discover why this really is such a unique area.


What's your favourite Falls and Niagara Gorge Attraction?

Nature sure is the star here in Niagara. The Falls themselves are spectacular and there are many ways to enjoy them. Tell us your story, share your experience or just relive it again . . .


It is easy to fill your available time with so many things to choose from. You may even want to start figuring out how you can squeeze another day in Niagara into your visit.