Niagara Falls Casino Hotels

Niagara Falls Casino Hotels . . . the perfect base for an evening of gambling or taking in a headliner at a show. The entertainment that the casinos bring it to draw people makes living in Niagara the place to be.

Niagara Falls has now become famous for more then the Falls itself. Niagara Falls now boasts 2 world class casinos on the Canadian side and as well as a Casino on the American side. . . And if you enjoy harness racing, the horses run daily from May 1 till October 31. If you can't get to the track you can still lay a wager through one of the Off-track betting locations at Longshots.

Pick the casino that fits your mood or choose the most convenient one. Its all up to you...


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It is easy to fill your available time with so many things to choose from. You may even want to start figuring out how you can squeeze another day in Niagara into your visit.