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What are the current Passport Requirements? Do you or do you not need a passport to enter the U.S.? Well, that depends upon where you are traveling from and when you are returning. All air travelers entering the U.S. are required to show passports. This now includes returning Americans and people from Canada and Bermuda and some Mexicans - See more at:

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U.S. Citizens Entering Canada

American citizens do not need a passport to enter Canada. It is important, however, to bring with you proof of your citizenship, such as a Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, as well as Photo I.D. A permanent resident of the US should bring their Permanent Resident Card (i.e. Green Card) with them. - See more at:

US Citizens Returning to the US from Canada

US citizens returning to the US from Canada by land are required to show passports. US citizens returning from Canada by air, are also exempt if they have applied for, but not yet received, their passports. - See more at:

Reprinted Information from the US State Department's travel website - See more at:


Implemented on January 23, 2007, ALL PERSONS traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean region are required to present - See more at:


The following summarizes information available on the Department of Homeland Security's website.
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JANUARY 31, 2008

U.S. and Canadian citizens will need to present either a WHTI-compliant document , or a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, plus proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate. DHS also proposes to begin alternative procedures for U.S. and Canadian children at that time.
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At a later date, to be determined, the departments will implement the full requirements of the land and sea phase of WHTI. The proposed rules require most U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry to have either a U.S. passport; a U.S. passport card; a trusted traveler card such as NEXUS, FAST, or SENTRI; a valid Merchant Mariner Document (MMD) when traveling in conjunction with official maritime business; or a valid U.S. Military identification card when traveling on official orders.

The implementation date will be determined based on a number of factors, including the progress of actions undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security to implement the WHTI requirements and the availability of WHTI compliant documents on both sides of the border. DHS and DOS expect the date of full WHTI implementation to be in the summer of 2008. The precise implementation date will be formally announced with at least 60 days notice.

Note: The passport requirement does NOT apply to U.S. citizens traveling to or returning directly from a U.S. territory. - See more at:


U.S. Passport: U.S. citizens may present a valid U.S. passport when traveling via air, land or sea between the U.S. and the aforementioned Western Hemisphere countries.

The Passport Card: This limited-use, wallet-size passport card is not yet available and is under development. When available it will only be valid for land and sea travel between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean region (includes Bermuda).

Other Accepted Travel Documents: SENTRI, NEXUS, FAST and the U.S. Coast Guard Mariner Document. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty traveling on orders are exempt from the passport requirement. DHS has more information on these travel documents. This information may be seen at

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It now seems inevitable that the Passport Requirement to travel throughout North America will be a valid passport. Why not beat the rush and, if necessary, apply now.
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