Welland Murals

In 1986, the City of Welland commissioned artists from across Canada to paint the Welland murals on the side of buildings. The canvasses are permanent and colourful delights depicting historical themes of the Niagara Region. Some of the murals stretch 25 meters (80ft) long, 3 stories high and has now become an ongoing project with new murals being added periodically.

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To see the Welland murals you do need to drive. Most of the murals, however, are concentrated in the downtown core area that lines a stretch of the canal.

1. 'Towpaths' by Ross Beard depicts a sailing ship being pulled through the canal of the 1800's. 1030 Niagara Street North

2. 'Welland Dairies' by Mike Svob - 3 panels showing a dairy milk business in the early 1900's. 871 Niagara St. North

3. 'History of the Niagara Peninsula' protrays the cultural and economic development of the Peninsula. 800 Niagara St. North on the Sears building at the Seaway Mall.

4. 'History of the Welland Canal' depicts construction and development of the Niagara Peninsula. 800 Niagara St. North, in front of the Seaway Mall.

5. 'Welland Trolly' by David More. Trolley bringing visitors to the Welland County Fair 1910 - 1930 1 Niagara Street.

6. 'Lift Bridges' by Greg Garand - Canal prior to the construction of the by-pass when ships passed though the heart of the town. 31 West Main St. (Facing Niagara Street)

7. 'Welland's World War 1 Efforts' by Risto Turunen. 51 Division St., by Columbus Hall

8. "New World' by Bas Degroot. His brick mosaic mural depicts the immigrant experience to the 'new world'. 77 Division St.

9. 'Three Historical Scenes' by John Hood - 3 panels of historical detail 115 Division Street

10. 'Wagons' by Andrew Miles - Stained glass of turn of the century wagons and buggies. 250 Division Street

11. 'Education' by Risto Terenen. Is is based on old photographs of teachers, principal, students and school. 285 East Main Street.

12. 'Triathlon' by Paul Elliot. Runner, swimmer, cyclist, competing in th Wlland Triathlon 285 East Main St.

13. 'Upbound at Midnight' by Ross Beard. Night scene of ship travelling south on the canal to Port Colborne 228 East Main St.

14. 'Welland Fair' by Hohn Hood. Scenes from the 1940, 1958, 1975 Welland Fair.

15. 'The Cordage Community' by Marsha Charlebois. Plymouth Cordage Co. employees of 1906 at work and play. 212 East Main Street

16. 'Tell Me About the Olden Days' by Dan Sawatsky. Free standing wall protraying arrival of immigrants around 1910. Across from 212 East Main Street.

17. 'Little Helper' by Dan Sawatsky. Farm family fo father, son, grandson. 225 East Main St.

18. 'The Pond-New Year's Day' by Ross Beard. With upturned earth suggesting the construction of the canal by-pass built in 1970. 188 East Main Street

19. 'The Welland Club' by John Hood. Lawn bowling activities of 1920 at the club. corner of Hellums Avenue and East Main Street20. 'Where Water Meets Rail' by Lorraine Coakley-Black. Various means of transportation. 147 East Main Street

21. 'Tugboats' by Stefan Bell. 1920 tugboat "Hector" pulling barges and ships through the canal. 77 East Main Street

22. 'Steam Engine' by Ron Baird. Train used in the constrution on the old canals Side fo Bell Building on Cross Street.

23. 'Working with Women' by Ted Zieglar. Women in the work force in Welland's factories. 27 East Main Street

24. 'Downtown Welland' by Philip Wolf. Commercial life in early Welland. 14 King Street

25. 'Main Street' by Mike Svob. Another commercial scene of early city. 22 King Street

26. 'Canal Construction' by Bas Degroot. Construction of the Welland by-pass. 140 King Street

27. 'Canal Digging' by Brian Romagnoli. It depicts time around 1824, in much detail. 175 King Street

28. 'Paint by Number Mural' completed by about 1,000 people depicting city's ehnic mixture. 300 Lincoln Street East

29. 'O Canada' by the Niagara Wood Carvers Association. Basswood relief mural carving of European and Asian flora, fauna and heraldry frsokm homelands of eman of the city's populance.

As you can see there is a real wealth of images for your to enjoy among the Welland Murals. I have enjoyed taking in the Welland Murals every time I am in Welland as it adds such a wonderful spash of color to the surroundings.

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