Wedding in Niagara Falls

A wedding in Niagara Falls - With Niagara's popularity as a honeymoon destination (50,000 annually) it is not surprising that more lovebirds are getting married or renewing their vows in this magical setting, as well.

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The large number of out-of-towners desiring to get married in Niagara, has created a thriving wedding services industry to help you in any way.

A Niagara Falls wedding can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. Design your own day as you explore these pages. Or choose a package and let someone else take care of the details.

Choose an elegant wedding chapel in Niagara Falls when you select the Little Wedding Chapel.

The Wedding Company of Niagara offers a Niagara Falls, Canada wedding chapel that has can serve your needs.

Marriage Requirements

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