Niagara Parks Regulations

Niagara Parks Regulations -The Niagara Parks Commission(NPC) administers and maintains over 1,250 hectares of parkland along the Niagara River Corridor. These parklands include parks and picnic areas, historical and archaeological sites, golf courses, a marina, restaurants, gift shops, attractions, a horticultural school and kilometres of recreational trails and scenic drives.

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Many services and facilities are provided for a minimal fee. Among these are picnic areas complete with covered pavilions, tables, electrical outlets, running water and washrooms. Several Niagara Parks Regulations apply to the use of picnic areas and pavilions under the jurisdiction of The NPC.

Niagara Parks Regulations

1. Litter and Clean Up

It is the responsibility of each picnic group to appoint its own clean up committee and to ensure that the grounds and pavilions are left clean. Remember, other groups may be coming in after yours and we ask your cooperation in helping to keep the areas clean.

2. Vehicles carrying picnic supplies or physically challenged persons

At McFarland Park and Queenston Heights Park, there is no provision for parking vehicles adjacent to the pavilions. Vehicles will be admitted to the pavilion area for the purpose of unloading only. Please keep this to a 10 minute maximum. Buses will not be permitted. Please coordinate vehicle entry into the pavilion area with the attendant and/or police officer on duty. These access roads are heavily congested - please drive slowly and with caution.

3. Dogs

Dogs are not allowed at Queenston Heights Park and King's Bridge Park. Dogs at McFarland Park, Niagara Glen and all other areas must be on a leash and kept under direct control at all time. Please "stoop and scoop" - you are responsible to clean up after your pet.

4. Public Address Systems

In consideration of the many groups and individuals using the Park on the same day as your picnic, the operation of a P.A. system is prohibited. Permission may be obtained to use a public address system at the Queenston Heights Bandshell for public events such as church services, band concerts, etc. A limited number of dates and times are available. To make these arrangements please telephone Niagara Parks at:

(905)371-0254 Fax: 1-905-356-8448

5. Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on NPC property under Section 31, sub-section 2, of the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario which reads as follows: "No person shall consume liquor (alcohol) in any place other than a residence, or a premises in respect of which a license or permit is issued:;

6. Security

Unfortunately, our extensive grounds and large numbers of visitors are sometimes attractive to thieves and vandals. We strongly urge guests to lock all valuables in car trunks - do not tempt crime by leaving possessions in view.

7. NPC Picnic Food Services

Commercial catering firms are not allowed at any Niagara Parks location. At Queenston Heights Park, the NPC can supply a complete range of food items for your group picnic. Prior arrangements must be made by contacting Queenston Heights Restaurant at:

(905)371-0254    Fax: 1-905-356-8448

The Niagara Parks Regulations help maintain a safe and plesant place for your visit.

In order to provide a pleasant experience for all of the users of our parklands, we ask that simple courtesy be the guideline. Enjoy your picnic in the park!

Any inquiries regarding NPC picnic facilities should be directed to:

The Niagara Parks Commission Community Services PO Box 150 Niagara Fails, Ontario L2E 6T2

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