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There are a nice selection of Golf Courses in Niagara.

Battlefield Course | Chippawa Course |Usher's Creek Course

Home of the 2004 BMO Canadian Women's Open

* The first of its kind in Canada

* Two 18 hole championship courses

* 9 hole short course

* Putting course

* 45 acre, 360º practice facility, including a teaching academy

* Designed by renowned architects Thomas McBroom and Douglas Carrick

* Rated five-stars

* Carved out of the historic terrain

Legends on the Niagara Off the Niagara Parkway, south of Chippawa. 1-866-GOLF-NIA (1-866-465-3642)e-mail Directions to Golf Courses

Battlefield Course

Named after a legendary battle in the War of 1812 that took place on the land adjacent to the course, golfers of all skill levels will no doubt find this course both beautiful and challenging.

Legends on the Niagara: Off the Niagara Parkway, south of Chippawa.

1-866-GOLF-NIA (1-866-465-3642)Fax (905) 295-2244Restaurant (905) 295-2241e-mail

Chippawa Course

The 9 hole course, Chippawa, celebrates the village in which the complex is located and commemorates the rich history of the people and the area in which we live. The unique design collaboration of McBroom and Carrick lends itself to what we believe to be the best short course in Canada. Come see for yourself.

StatisticsYardage 2202Par 30 (six par 3Â’s and three par 4Â’s)

Legends on the Niagara: Located south of Niagara Falls, just outside the village of Chippawa, along the Niagara Parkway.

Chippawa Golf Shop (905) 295-2240Fax (905) 295-2244Restaurant (905) 295-2241e-mail

Usher's Creek Course

The South course, Ussher's Creek, is literally carved out of the surrounding woods. The meandering creek, after which the course was named, winds its way through a number of holes where golfers will find themselves having to make a number of shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Legends on the Niagara.Off the Niagara Parkway, south of Chippawa.1-866-GOLF-NIA (1-866-465-3642)Fax (905) 295-2244Restaurant (905) 295-2241e-mail

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