Flowers In Bloom

Flowers In Bloom - Niagara Parks are well known for quality and selection of horticultural displays throughout the Niagara Region.

Here are the approximate dates that the botanical features at Niagara Parks will be in their prime. All dates are subject to weather conditions.

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G - Niagara Parks Greenhouse
QVP - Queen Victoria Park
OGT - Oakes Garden Theatre
FC - Floral Clock
BG - Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens
QHP - Queenston Heights Park
MFH - McFarland House
MAP - Mather Arch Park
KBP - King's Bridge Park

Approximate Dates for Botanical Features at Location(s)
January 15- March 31 -- Spring Floral Show at G
April 2 -- Easter Lily Floral Show at G
April 15-June 15 -- Spring Flowering Bulbs at QVP, OGT, FC, BG, QHP, MFH
Aprin 15- October 15 -- Carpet Bedding Displays at QVP, OGT, FC, BG, QHP
April 15-October 30 -- Perenials at QVP, OGT, FC, BG, QHP, MAP
April 15-October 30 -- Nature Garden, Herb Garden at BG
April 15-October 30 -- Rock Garden at QVP,. OGT, FC, BG
May 24-October 30 -- Period Herb Garden at MFH
May -- Hydrangea Show at G
May 12-June 15 -- Lilacs at Adjacent to FC
May 15-May 20 -- Japanese Flowering Cherries at BG, QHP, KBP
May 15-June 30 -- Rhododendrons, Irises at BG
May 30-September 30 -- Annual Displays at All Gardens
June -- Regal Geranium Show at G
June 15-September 30 -- Roses at G, QVP, BG
September 15-October 30 -- Fall Displays at QVP, OGT, FC, BG
September 15-October 30 -- Hiemalis Begonia Show at G
November -- Chrysanthemum Show at G
December -- Christmas Floral Show at G
December 1-January 5 -- Christmas Displays at QVP, OGT, BG, QHP
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