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Bike Rentals in Niagara - If you enjoy the outdoors and the joy of riding a bike, then you will love exploring the niagara regions on two wheels. The ride along the Niagara River Parkway between Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake is really something you will enjoy although it is quite a ride

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Niagara Region Bicycle Rental Locations

The Checker Bike Company, Chippawa Online Reservations Only
Leisure Trails, Niagara Falls 1-888-264-4490
Niagara Sportswear, Niagara-on-the-Lake 905-468-0044
Port Cycle Rentals, 1 Elm St. Port Colborne 905-359-7638
Steve Bauer Bike Tours Inc., Many Locations 905-563 8687
Steve's Place Bicycle & Repair, Fort Erie 1-888-649-BIKE (2453
Zoom Leisure, 275 Mary St. Niagara-on-the-Lake 905-468-2366

If you have a bicycle rental service and would like to be listed here,please contact Cycle Niagara by clicking here.

Quick note - we only list these companies. We've never used any of themand their listing here doesn't imply endorsement nor does ommission imply lack of endorsement.If you have a problem, it is with them, not us.

I know what you're thinking. "Why should I rent a bike when I have a perfectly good bike already?" Yep. Good question. Here's a couple of reasons for you to ponder.

By renting a bike from a local company, you will...

... save gas. The aerodynamic drag of bicycles on roof or trunk racks will increase your gas consumption considerably.

... reduce the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns. Bike rental companies have to ensure that they are in good working order before you get to use them. Can you say the same about your bike?

... save money. If you have an expensive bike, consider what would happen if it got stolen. There are bike thieves everywhere. Even in beautiful Niagara (curse them!!). A rental bike will be less attractive to thieves and is probably insured. Talk to your insurance broker about getting your bicycle insured and see how much it costs.

In many ways, rentals are the better option. You can ask the rental company if you can bring your own saddle to reduce discomfort. Many will oblige. Also, bring your own helmet. (You do wear a helmet, don't you?) You may also want to bring your own water bottles, locks or accessories which you would either have to forgo or rent otherwise. Enjoy the ride!


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